Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University



Mock tests will be available from 03th To 07th February 2022. The main exams will be available from 08th February to 25 February 2022.

Link to IT coordinators list

Link to User Manual

Link to online examination demo video

Link to webcam testing

Login instructions:

Enter PRN (Permanent Registration Number)

Enter Date of Birth (DDMMYY). For eg. 1st march 1999 will be 010399

Click on Select Active Tests and select your test

Click on Login to continue login

Checklist/Requirements for Online Examination:

1. Android phone, Desktop, Laptop (Windows / Linux / Mac) with working front camera as webcam.

2. Please ensure you're using updated browser such as (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) in incognito mode.

3. Must have an active internet connection.

4. Please ensure your mobile or laptop is fully charged.

5. Please keep required stationery handy with you (pencil, pen, rough sheet etc.)